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How can I check the size of my key or certificate?

Some web servers will display this information in the properties of your key or certificate. Or, you can connect to a secure page on your server using Internet Explorer (Netscape does not display this information). Internet Explorer: File | Properties > click on 'Certificate' for ...

How do I move my cert from one server or ISP to another?

Moving to another server is not as easy as simply moving the certificate. Moving to another server actually depends on whether you can:
1. Export your private key from your current ISP/ server in a standard format.
2. Import the private key into the new server.
If you are movi ...

How do I correct my server certificate after it is issued to me?

Certificates cannot be changed after they have been issued. If we make a processing error, we will sign a new certificate at no cost. If you make an error, and a correction is absolutely necessary for security reasons, you will need to buy a new certificate. So please make sure ...

Where do I download my certificate from?

Your technical contact will be notified via email when your certificate has been issued. You can pick it up from Status Page, after you have entered your order number (or domain name).

What will the Technical and Corporate Contact details be used for?

• The Organization Contact is used to directly verify, on behalf of the organization, that the request is valid. We must contact this person before the certificate can be issued. They should be either the CEO, Director, or Owner.
• The Technical Contact is informed via email if ...

Do I need a special Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for a 2 year certificate?

No. The CSR that you generate for your enrollment process is identical to the one that you would use for a one year certificate.

How strong are Thawte certificates?

The strength of your Thawte certificate is dependent on the size of the key you make on your server. The public portion of that key is submitted to Thawte for signing, in the form of a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). For example, if you generate a 1024 bit key, Thawte will sig ...

What domain name do I use on my certificate request?

Be careful when choosing your domain name, as you cannot change this information after the certificate is issued. The domain name should be the exact machine server name or hostname you will be using to access your secure pages. For example, if you wish your clients to access ht ...

What should I do if my company is not the registered owner of the domain?

This would only be a concern if you are trying to purchase a True BusinessID or Wildcard SSL certificate. If your company is not the registered owner of the domain, as verified through a WHOIS lookup, you must get the registrant information changed prior to submitting an SSL cert ...

If we change our IP address do we have to get a new SSL certificate?

No. The SSL session is bound to an IP address, but not a specific one. If you change your IP you don’t need a new SSL certificate.